July 31, 2008

A healing wish

I know Julia is with me in making this j-day all about Judy. Judy is facing a life-altering challenge with courage, strength and her trademark humor. Next week will be a particularly hard one - please be sure to let Judy know you're with her.

I haven't faced such a challenge in my life, and simply can't say what it must be like. I'm glad Judy has found friends online who do share her experience and are able to support her.

Sadly, a lot of my family and friends, online and in real life, are, like Judy, struggling with serious disease. To Judy, and to all of them, I wish healing.

Because someone thirsty enough
to trust Old Testament wisdom
followed the deepening greens

and found a spring, silver
in the shadow of blue ridges,
I can kneel beneath

this spill of willow
limbs a century later
and drink water

risen from roots
to enter the evening
through a spout, the way

Cherokee stories say the first
people were born,
washing into the world

of such trees whose bark,
like the water I cup
to my parched mouth,

tastes leafy and sweet
and has the power,
the old ones say, to heal.

by R. T. Smith
Source: Poetry (May 2001).

July 6, 2008

The story of a girl

A friend just sent the link to this video - you must watch. I'm still processing all the questions it raised for me, about adoption (particularly Korean adoption,) race, American attitudes, and more. But mostly it's a testament to this young woman's resilience and courage - remarkable.