August 27, 2009

August 24, 2009

Don't Misses 8-24-09

Since the summer heat and breakneck pace of my life at the moment have rendered me pretty much speechless on the subject of adoption, the very least I can do for you all is share the things that have crossed my path recently.

Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network

It's exciting to announce that the Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network founded by Dr. Richard Boas has launched its website. The organization, which provides assistance to Korean women seeking to parent their children and information to the world about their experience, has been working toward a public presence since its inception. Please bookmark it and share the news. Kudos and congratulations to the entire staff of KUMSN, and to the women who have bravely come forward to share their stories and support others.

Fugitive Visions: An Adoptee's Return to Korea

I've clearly been asleep at the wheel for awhile, because it somehow had slipped past me that Jane Jeong Trenka was working on a new book. Fortunately, I got the word as soon as it was released, and received my copy last week. This book is very different from Jane's memoir The Language of Blood and Outsiders Within, the collection of essays on transracial and international adoption on which Jane collaborated. This book is personal, but in a more compelling, intriguing way. I've just begun, but am hooked.

August 20, 2009

Link to Alison Larkin's interview on Strategy Room

Hey, everyone, I haven't fallen off the earth - just a lot going on with the kids.

In case you didn't see it yesterday, click here to see the interview Alison Larkin gave on Fox Strategy Room yesterday. It was really good, so spread it far and wide! I love the way Uma Pemmaraju asked to keep in touch with Alison at the end of the interview (I hope that part is in this video) - it's good to have allies in the media!

Thanks for giving the interview, Alison, you were great!

August 10, 2009

Hiatus for a little longer

There's a reason for my hiatus: The paperwork to make The Girl's college experience possible is overwhelming, and The Boy has been getting ready to move into his new townhouse. Today's the day; we're packed and will be leaving shortly.

Back soon, I hope.

August 5, 2009

Welcome home, Euna and Laura!

This video brings tears to my eyes. Of course the politicians are debating the wisdom of Bill's visit, along with all the diplomatic implications, but as a mom I can tell you that I'm glad someone was willing to bring Euna Lee and Laura Ling home.

Welcome home, Euna and Laura!!

August 3, 2009

Missing KAAN already

KAAN was great. Wish I was still there, wish there were more sessions and more time to catch up.

I especially wish there was more time to watch The Girl - she was terrific. She and I did a session (email me if you'd like a copy of the handout), and I loved hearing her voice. She's tremendously self-assured. Her speech at dinner on Saturday was great, I was incredibly proud of her. Plus, she was asked last week to fill in and do a taekwondo session on Sunday, which went very well.

We got back late last night, I'm up to my eyeballs at work, but I'll be sharing my thoughts in the coming days and weeks.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars:

KAAN 2010
Hershey, PA -> Great family vacation spot!
July 23rd - 25th, 2010

Details to follow soon at the KAAN Conference website.